Worldcopter Korea company has been in Seattle for 23 years as Helicopter Engineering(Seattle Aerotech), representative until 2016.

It is a venture company of helicopter source designing technology that came back to home country and founded.

In accordance with the philosophy of "Propagate Technology to help people", we started the air-boat rescue business as a leading business by designing and manufacturing helicopter.

(Korea has handled 145 cases in coastal tidal flat and seashore in 2015) Amphibious airboat travels on waterfront, tidal, ice, snow, and even on the road.

Airboats are special equipment that can save lives in blind spots of cars and general boats.



Airboats have a similar appearance to air-lifts, but they are remarkably superior in terms of eutrophication, control convenience, and maintenance.

Leisure (hunting and fishing) in wetlands in the southern US, Florida and Louisiana, frozen area in the eastern United States and Canada,
used for police and fire brigade for rescue of rivers and heavy snow, and also as transportation in Siberia area in Russia.

In Asia, the airboat is still unknown for many people for having few quantity but it is used by Thai flood rescue and Philippine marines.

Won Hak Lee


Airplane propeller propulsion, amphibious express boat(Airboat) 70km/h, 38knots

An airboat is a boat with an airplane propeller on the top of a flat hull. It is a special boat because there is no underwater boat propeller under the hull.

At the bottom of the hull the airboat has special plastic slippery for ice link that is tough as steel(UHMWPE), which can run on water as well, marsh, swamp, ice and snow.

It is already widely used for Russian snowy transportation, US florida marshy leisure, and freezing rivers and flood areas in the eastern of United States.

WorldCopter Korea Co., Ltd. is currently operating as a start in rescue airboat. A winter cabin type for the Russian snowy region and for Scuba diving safety support we will continue to develop and mass-produce the airboats.

For our passion we use "Republic of Korea national champion Air Boat" as motto under the founding philosophy of "Propagate Technology to help people".

Thank you for your interest and affection.

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