1. 7 seats : Front seats and layouts are made for personal preference with no additional cost

2. Engine: 300 HP Gasoline turbocharger car engine (Hyundai Lambda Engine) Sealed self-cooling

(Long service life for to not using seawater and it is a regular car maintenance engine)

3. Maximum speed : 70km/h (38knot)

4. Hull composite is Infusion vacuum molding sandwich structure material, ultra-lightweight and self-buoyancy.

5. Weight : 1389lbs / Width : 17ft / Height : 7.3ft

6. Variable pitch propeller system: 30% more efficient than existing boat, reverse pitch backward device

7. Fuel: Automobile gasoline (up to 200 liters)

8. Under the hull: It uses UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for strong and slippery ice link and bulletproof )

engineering plastic. It is possible to travel on land.

9. 20Feet Container Designed on a shipping basis, direct Internet access for the global audience.
Internet Price : USD$: 49,000 (Special Opening Price)
<Transportation and Trailers are not included(USD$2.800)>

10. There is no exclusive dealer system, but the operation plan is discounted according to the purchase amount.

11. 5% down payment, factory shipment principle after full payment (domestic general customer: free A / S for 1 year)

* This data may change at any time during the product improvement process.

WorldCopter Korea Co., Ltd. is currently operating as a start in rescue airboat. A winter cabin type for the Russian snowy region and for Scuba diving safety support we will continue to develop and mass-produce the airboats.

For our passion we use "Republic of Korea national champion Air Boat" as motto under the founding philosophy of "Propagate Technology to help people".

- Customized order can be made according to usage purpose.

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